Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sewing Progress

I have been sooooo busy lately.  Besides keeping the books for my sons businesses I have decided to take on doing the books for another fellow that has multiple businesses also.  But, my computer has not been cooperating.  I have sent it in twice for a keyboard problem.  Hopefully I get it back soon and it will work perfectly.  I spent two whole days just cleaning carpets in the motor home.  Since the leak is fixed I needed to clean the water spots.  They cleaned up nicely.

With all that going on I still have been able to get some sewing done.  I have put together the blocks made from Missouri Star Quilt Company's video.  It is called Flying Geese Log Cabin.

 Here is the single block..
 Now I need to put on some borders.  Still can't decide what the borders will be.  I don't have any of the actual fabric left but have bought some solid fabrics that match quite well.  If I do too much in the borders it will distract from the pattern but on the other hand I don't like the idea of too plain of a border.

Right now though I am working on another quilt I started when I was down south.  It is called Match  A Patch Stars.  I found it in a Fons & Porter booklet that came with a magazine. 

This is what I have been doing.
 I have 60 stars made using fabric from my stash.
The quarter square triangles are also fabric from my stash.   I have 18 more to finish then I will start making the rows.  I am anxious to get this one finished.  I am hoping to get it quilted by the end of the month.

Besides that I have been working to put together my BOM from the guild.  Here are the blocks I have finished for that.

I have a few more but couldn't find the pictures.

Well that is what I have been up to.   Keep quilting on!!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Latest Stitching done....

I came home from Ivins, on January 31st.  Had a great ride home.  Joe brought his tow truck and a small trailer to pick me up.  We loaded all my sewing stuff and luggage in the little trailer and put my car on the tow truck and he drove me home.  Little Joe and Crosley came and helped load things up.  They are 2 very hard working kids.

We had a lot of fun on the way home. 

It is good to be home but while I was gone my fridge decided to quit working.  So the last few weeks that is what I have been consumed with.  We still don't have it running (altho the freezer freezes but the fridge won't go below 50 degrees) but I have an alternate fridge (but it is outside).  At least my food doesn't spoil any more.  Living out of an ice chest just doesn't cut it.

I have been doing some sewing.  I have been making 12.5 inch blocks to finish up the BOM from my guild last year.   Most I don't have pictures of but will take some and post them later.

The best thing that has happened is my giving Carol a quilt.  Of course, I don't have room for extra quilts just sitting around and so the other day I took my "Blue Plate Special" quilt to Carol.  She is a wonderful friend that was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple months ago.  She had both breasts removed and has been going through chemo.  It felt so good to give it to her.
This is the top before I quilted it.  I have a label to sew on to the back yet but I told her I would come and we could sit and visit while I sewed the label on by hand.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

It's been a very long time since I posted anything.  The best laid plans.....

Since December 1st I have been staying at my daughter Marshawn's house in St George. 
Here are some pictures of my sewing area.

Other than the week that I went home for Christmas with the grandkids, that is.  I went home the Tuesday before Christmas and had planned on coming back to St George that next Saturday.  But I ended up staying till Monday.  It was such a fun Christmas,  my Daughter in law Cheryl is the General Manager of the Comfort Inn in Fillmore  so we stayed there Christmas Eve.  Actually we stayed there until the next Monday.  It snowed Christmas morning so we woke up to a white Christmas (about a foot of snow).  The kids loved their presents from Santa and enjoyed their presents all around.   Then a day or so later we got another 6 inches of snow.  What a mess out there so we stayed inside and swam and sat in the hot tub.  Cheryl got me a room right across the hall from their apartment.  Crosley and little Joe had roll away beds in my room.  It was so much fun spending time with them.  The reason I ended up staying the extra days was because little Joe turned 12 on the 23rd of Dec. and he was ordained a Deacon that Sunday after Christmas.  I went to church with them and got to see a lot of friends.

I spent the first week here in St George just getting settled.  Then I had a lot of Christmas gifts to sew.  i spent every minute I could sewing.  I was able to finish this quilt for a dear friend of Marshawn's.

I loved making this quilt.  It started as a panel and I added the bargello border in jewel tones to match the birds and butterflies on the panel.

I also finished my denim quilt top.

It needs a good pressing and I am going to back it with a flannel fabric.  I don't think I will put a batting in it as the levi material is so heavy already.

In addition to that I was able to make some zippered makeup bags and quite a few sets of Microwave bowl potholders.  I need to make a few more sets for gifts throughout the year.

For Christmas I received lots of fat quarters and a jelly roll.  So I have been working on some quilt tops. I also got a new high speed touch screen computer.  I must have been very good this year!!  LOL!

I started my spool quilt.  I want to make it big enough for my bed.  It is a pattern out of the Block magazine.

Here is one block

It is made out of a couple of charm packs that I already had.

I also started my Flying Geese Log Cabin Quilt.

This is real fun.  It is made from a jelly roll I got for Christmas.

I am also working on a Pat Sloan Block of the Month...This is January's block

I also will be making a block from The Fat Quarter Shop BOM too but I haven't started
my first block yet as I just downloaded it yesterday.  I will be posting pictures of it later.

Well, my time in St George is drawing to an end.  In 2 weeks I will be going home to my motor home.  I must get back to my job on Feb 3rd.  These 2 months seemed like such a long time when it first started but it is shorter than I  thought.  It will be sad to go home but it will be good at the other end.  I have missed Joe and Cheryl and the grandkids. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Moving Update....

I had a very productive weekend with my daughter.  I super loaded my car with sewing fabric and books and headed to Ivins, Utah on Saturday morning.  It was lovely driving weather. In 3 more weeks I will be moving there for the winter and needed to get my fabric and serger and other sewing items down there.  When we got everything upstairs it looked crowded but then we moved the small entertainment center to another wall and Marshawn proceeded to take apart a tall open bookcase and re-build it to be sturdier.  All of my fabric will fit on the bookcase and then some.  It will be perfect and I can't wait to be able to get started on some more quilts.

That evening we went to Tuacahn Amphitheater to enjoy a tribute concert of the Bee Gees.  I was afraid it would get too cold but it was quite comfortable.  We dressed warm and the music really got our blood pumping.  I didn't get any pictures cause my phone died but it was so fun!!

Sunday we spent the afternoon organizing my fabric.  I have lots to put on the comic book boards and I will get to that when I get moved down.  I still have more fabric to take down but it is a small amount compared to what I took this time.  I will post pictures of my apartment (she made her upstairs into an apartment for me) and my new sewing studio (her loft will be my sewing studio/office for her work)..

I will be down there for 2-3 months.  I will come back for Christmas with Joe's family but will not be staying at my Motor Home.  I will stay at Joe's house.  Then back to sunny southern Utah. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Another Post and another month of sickness! Yuk!!

Here we are into November and I can't believe I have gone so long between posting.  I've been so busy with the Quilt Guild Blog and work and getting sick again and some sewing.  I started the Blog for the Quilt Guild and even though it doesn't take that much time to do, it does cut into my sewing time.

I started getting sick again and ended up with a massive Sinus Infection.  I was out of commission for a little over a week. 

I did get a quilt finished.  It is my Blue Plate Special quilt.  Here is a picture of the top before I quilted it.

I echo quilted around the plates and then on the borders just stitched in the ditch.  I was so pleased to finish it.  When I got the binding attached I found I was 22" short.  I knew I had some extra fabric but could not for the life of me find it.  So I just used some of the maroon fabric to add to the binding, so one corner is maroon.  I kind of like it that way.  Now to add the label.

I was able to acquire more charm packs of a set for a great fall quilt I want to make.

And, lo and behold I won some fabric from my favorite blogger Maureen Cracknell is a link to her blog  and here is a picture of the fabric I won....

I have a jelly roll of this same fabric and so I hope to make something bright and cute out of this. It is part of a collection called Simply Sweet  by Riley Blake and Maureen's sponsor Discover Fabrics provided it.  It is so bright and cheerful.  They are 1/2  yard cuts.  I love winning fabric.

I also did finish a baby rag quilt for my great niece Erin. She is having a baby girl the first part of December.  I made some burp cloths for her too.

I just mailed it the other day so am anxious to hear she got it and likes it.

The 1st of October I mailed the quilts to my sisters in California.

 This is Kitty in the Window (I need to make me one of these)  It went to my sister Sharon.
 This is my disappearing 4 patch.  It went to my sister Thurza.

My fun House quilt "Won't you be my Neighbor" went to my sister Sandy.

They all seem to be pleased with them. And it was such a joy to share my favorite things with them.

A little note of interest is the newest addition to my son's family.  His little girl Hailey wanted a puppy for Christmas.  Well, they got one a little early...It is a shorkie named Roxy.  here are some pictures...

This is Hailey holding Roxy...

And Joe holding Roxy...

She is such a cute little pup and only 8 weeks old.

I've also been working on my charity rag quilts..I made this sports themed boy quilt...

 I still need to clip all the seams...This is the second one of the boy quilts I have made.  I need to get a few more made to hand out.

Well, I guess I am through posting all the news as of now. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Long time since posting

I can't believe it has been since July that I have posted anything.  It has been a very fast and furious summer.  At the end of July I started getting sick. Here is my outpatient IV of antibiotics and fluids just before I got worse.

It ended up to be a touch of Pneumonia.  I spent one whole week in bed.  I have some very devoted friends that brought me soup.  I actually didn't have much of an appetite and went 3 days without eating anything.  Terrible way to loose weight! 

I did have some happy news just before my illness.  My Stars quilt won a blue ribbon at the county fair.
This is the quilt I made for my daughter, her birthday is 4th of July so I made this for her but was unable to give it to her until later in August.  She loved it and I was so glad to have made it.

My Disappearing 4 Patch, that Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company signed (it was her pattern I used) won a red ribbon.

It was a fun surprise. 

Since then I have not done a lot of sewing.  When I went to St. George to visit my daughter in late August I did get to go to the Deseret Industries thrift store.  I am always looking for scraps of flannel for the charity baby quilts I have been making. Instead of flannel though I found a bag of regular scraps.  When I got it to my daughters I opened it and started sorting.  Luckily in the middle were bags of notions for quilting. Plus there was a beautiful panel of exotic birds and all done in jewel tones. 

The picture doesn't do it justice.  (Sorry)  I decided I wanted to make a quilt out of it and so we went shopping for fabrics.  We found and bought some jewel toned solids to go with it.  I decided to do a bargello border.  I have very little of it finished due to lack of sewing time.

Here it is September and I have so much sewing to do and so little time.  Just before I got sick I made some blocks that I have been wanting to try. They are called Framed Friendship.

I love the color combination.  I also made another Journal cover and gave it to a friend of mine that is going to college.

I tried to make it more on the masculine side for him.

Well that's about all I have been doing for the last little while.  Hope you are enjoying the fall weather we have been experiencing.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Finally some Finishes

I finally was able to finish some quilts I have been working on.  The first one is my Sparkling Cider quilt I started at the Panguitch Quilt Walk.  I did it in all red, white and blue patriotic fabrics.  I apologize for the lousy pictures.  It was so windy and the grandkids were helping me hold it up. It was all they could do to hold on to it.

The second one is a quilt top I started last year.  It is a pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I saw it on YouTube and just had to make it.  It is called " Be my Neighbor".

I love how it turned out.  I will send this one to my sister in California.  I quilted it on my home sewing machine.

This 3rd one is a flannel rag quilt I made using free fabric.  It is very scrappy.  I am making quite a few of these (or as long as the free fabric holds out) to give to our local Highway Patrol guys and some to give my son for in his tow trucks.  Come winter when there is an accident including small children they can give the child a snuggle blanket to warm up in.  They measure 41"x41".

Hope everyone had a safe 4th of July and same for our upcoming 24th of July Celebration.